Welcome From the Program Director

Dr. John Engstrom, Program Director, Adult Neurology


The success of the UCSF Adult Neurology Residency is the result of a culture that promotes individual clinical excellence, medical team building, and diversity. The result is outstanding clinical training, academic opportunities, and career development support. The educational contributions by our faculty, as didactic teachers and clinical role models, are outstanding. Our residency program, directed by Dr. John Engstrom, is the focal point of a department chaired by Dr. Andy Josephson who continues to be extremely involved in resident education. Ms. Carol Piunti serves as the Education Division Manager. Our program coordinators (Ms. Vicky Leong Tateo and Ms. Jennifer Cantero) keep residency training logistics on course and the spirits of the residency high with moral support. Our chief and senior residents provide peer leadership and mentorship that is absolutely essential to the success of our program.

The UCSF Adult Neurology Residency Program has 39 adult neurology and 8 child neurology residents. We enroll 10 adult neurology trainees (typically 9 categorical and 1 advanced) and 3 child neurology trainees per year. We have a “flexible residency” with up to 6 months available for clinical or laboratory research training, medical education projects, international health or public health training or a master clinician experience. About half of our residents choose to take advantage of flexible residency while the other half complete classic neurology residency training followed by subspecialty fellowship. About 75% of our former trainees go on to long term academic or leadership careers as clinical or laboratory scientists, clinician educators, or public health leaders. We are extremely fortunate to consistently attract and match outstanding residency applicants.