Child Neurology Applicants

Our application review is holistic, there is no cut off score on rotations or board testing. Our goal is to match a diverse group of trainees with a variety of career goals and to provide high quality clinical training as well as mentorship and academic opportunities. We hope to foster development as the future of our field, by helping our residents to become excellent clinical providers and leaders in the field in the areas of clinical, bench and translational research, education, global health, and advocacy.

Child Neurology uses ERAS and the NRMP for the match. UCSF Child Neurology offers three positions yearly. We collaborate with our two local Pediatrics residencies to offer the full 5 years of training in the Bay Area. We have two guaranteed Categorical Program positions with Pediatrics at the University of California San Francisco (Benioff Children’s Hospital BCH SF or UCSF) and one guaranteed Advanced Program position linked with Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Oakland (BCH Oakland). We collaborate with the Adult Neurology residency program at UCSF to offer excellent tailored training in Adult Neurology within our department

For more information on the Adult Neurology program see the other pages of this site. For more information on the two Pediatric residency programs see their websites:


All applicants must be eligible for a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in California.
Applications to the Child Neurology Residency Program are submitted through ERAS and the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). For information about registering, please visit their website,, or call them at (866) 617-5834.

Please note you need ONLY apply to UCSF Child Neurology and do not need to put in a separate application to the Pediatrics programs. Candidates who are offered interviews will be asked to apply to the Preliminary position for Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Pediatrics residency at that time to be placed on that rank list. No application to the UCSF Categorical Pediatrics program is needed. You do not need a separate Personal Statement for Pediatrics. No supplemental application will be required for the Pediatrics programs. 

We recommend 3-4 letters of recommendation with your application from faculty who know you well. Your letters should ideally include at least one from a child neurology faculty member. If you are a Ph.D. student, we recommend one of the letters be from your Ph.D. mentor.

If you are a graduate of a foreign medical school, please also take these additional steps:

Step 1: You must hold a current, valid certificate from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). This is mandatory for an appointment at this institution as well as for licensure in the State of California. Please contact them directly to take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and to complete the other steps required for an ECFMG certificate. Their address is: Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates; 3624 Market St., 4th Floor; Philadelphia PA 19104-2685; USA.

Step 2: After you have received your ECFMG certificate, and before applying for clinical training at UCSF, please contact the Medical Board of California. They require that you complete their application form and submit various documents and records along with a processing fee. Upon a successful review of your application credentials, your education, and your USMLE scores, the CMB will issue an "Applicant Evaluation Status Letter." This letter enables you to apply for training at UCSF. A copy of this letter should be provided to the UCSF Child Neurology program director. Please write to Medical Board of California; 1426 Howe Ave; Sacramento CA 95825-3236; USA. Tel: 916-263-2499.

  1. Minimum USMLE Scores – you must have a passing score
  2. US Clinical Experience Requirements – you must have completed a minimum of 4 months of evaluated clinical experience in the US
  3. Graduate Year Cutoff – you must have graduated from medical school within the last 5 years
  4. Our program will not sponsor trainees for an H1B Visa.

ERAS and NRMP Reminders

ERAS 2022-2023 Applicant Dates
June 8, 2022 – MyERAS season begins
September 7, 2022 – Applicants may begin applying to ACGME accredited programs
September 28, 2022– ERAS applications and MSPEs are released to residency programs
October 31, 2022 – UCSF Applicant registration deadline

ERAS Web site:

NRMP 2022-2023 Applicant Dates
September 15, 2022 – Applicant registration begins
January 31, 2023 – Applicant Standard Registration Deadline
March 1, 2023 – Rank order list certification deadline
March 17, 2023 – Match Day!

NRMP Web site:

Applicants will be able to submit their rank lists for UCSF Child Neurology linked for one or both positions, in the order desired.

  • For Categorical training (2 year of Peds time at SF and Child Neurology training at UCSF, two positions available)

NRMP code: 1062185C0

  • For Advanced training (2 years of Peds time at Oakland and Child Neurology training at UCSF, one position available)

NRMP code: 1062185A0 and Oakland Peds Prelim/Child Neurology: 1939320P0

NRMP Website:

2022-2023 Interview Dates for UCSF Child Neurology Residency


Applications are reviewed by the selection committee using a holistic process to minimize bias. Interviews are offered via the ERAS program on a rolling basis. Applicants will receive further information on the interviews and presentations via email and a package mailed to your home.

2022-2023 Interview Dates for UCSF Child Neurology Residency:

Wednesday and Thursday, November 30, and December 1, 2022

Wednesday and Thursday, December 7, and December 8, 2022

Wednesday and Thursday, January 4, and January 5, 2023

All interviews will be virtual this season per the UCSF GME and Child Neurology Society recommendation. We offer a joint interview experience over 1 and 1/2 days.

Applicants will meet the program directors for both Pediatrics programs, the Adult Neurology program, and the Child Neurology program. They will participate in zoom teaching, an overview of each of the programs, discussions with residents and interviews with the selection committee members. We are utilizing AAMC guidelines to optimize virtual interviews, including recommendations to maximize time with trainees, minimize fatigue and minimize bias.


Common Questions

1. Do you do not need to put an application into the UCSF Pediatric categorical program or the Oakland Pediatrics Preliminary program when you initially apply? NO

Once you schedule an interview with us, we will have you put an application into the Oakland preliminary position. This is required for the two programs to generate the linked rank order list together. No separate application is needed for the SF Pediatrics program as our relationship as a categorical 5-year program allows us to generate a single rank list.

2. Do you do not need a separate Personal statement for Pediatrics? NO

3. Do you do not need to do the Supplemental application for Pediatrics? NO

4. Why do all applicants attend the presentations about both Pediatrics programs?

You will have an option to rank only one program, or both, depending on your preference. Both of our affiliated Pediatric residency programs are excellent. Each program has its own personality, and we hope you will learn enough to see which fits your personal and educational goals. Additionally, the Child Neurologists in the San Francisco and Oakland Children’s hospitals are all UCSF Neurology faculty and are available for mentorship and academic projects throughout your residency. We also hope you can learn about the opportunities for elective time at Oakland during your Child Neurology residency years.


Residency Program Administrator
Helena Khim
[email protected]